Top 5 Home Improvement Projects for Beginners

Top 5 Home Improvement Projects for Beginners

Your home is where you are protected, loved, and cared for. It’s the foundation upon which you can design a life that expresses your desires and interests.

However, house quality can deteriorate over time and leave signs of wear behind. Luckily, there are some easy ways to turn this damage around. Maybe you want to paint an accent wall or install open shelves in your kitchen but aren’t sure how to go about doing so. If that scenario sounds familiar, read through these five home improvement projects for beginners that will help you learn how to DIY your dream home.

Paint a Wall

A tried-and-true improvement to your home is adding an accent wall. Neutral wall colors such as grey, white, and tan can feel bland and tired when used in excess.

Adding a pop of copper paint on your wall can give the room more dimension and creates an entirely new mood! If copper is not your style, consider sage green, steel blue, or mustard yellow—you’ll be surprised at what a splash of color can do for an entire room.

Add Shelving and Art

Once you finish painting, add some wall shelving. Wall shelving can make the walls feel less bare, and they enable you to share your favorite decorations.

If wall shelving doesn’t suit the space, add a few pieces of wall art instead. Framed pictures or printed canvases tend to be the most popular décor options in a home.

Reorganize Your Kitchen

If painting your walls doesn't seem like an attractive project to you, consider reorganizing your cooking space. You can add and remove items as you desire to create a whole new feel.

After deep cleaning the area, place your appliances and kitchenware in new drawers and counter areas to improve the flow and organization of the space. Less clutter and less mess lead to more peace of mind.

Flip Your Furniture

Flipping furniture can go in two ways: reclaiming or replacing. Reclaiming furniture often means sanding the surface down and repainting, adding new pieces, and changing its appearance.

Replacing, on the other hand, means exactly what you’d think. Out with the old and in with the new—purchasing a new furniture piece is an easy improvement that beautifies any space. 

Replace Your Bedroom Carpet

Perhaps your existing bedroom carpet is over twenty years old. It has some history and needs a perky upgrade. Freshening up your bedroom’s carpet can have a monumental effect on the look and feel of the whole space. If you’re looking into carpet stores in Portland, OR, consider visiting us at Floor 55. We provide an ample supply of flooring options and countertop choices. Contact us today if you have any questions.

It can be challenging to figure out what kind of projects you want to jump into. When choosing the top home improvement projects for beginners, consider looking into additional ideas that will help you get the creative ball rolling. Sometimes a quick and easy project can do wonders for your living space. Replace your old couch or install a new carpet—the choice is yours!