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How To Pair Your Flooring
to Your Decor

Finding the perfect flooring to pair with your beautiful furniture is a difficult part of interior design. These quick tips will help you avoid design failures.

Reasons To Choose Carpeting
for Your Home

Do you find yourself wondering what makes carpeting so special? Learn the reasons why people love carpet and they may assist with your own flooring decisions.

Different Types of Carpet
To Choose From

Planning to refloor your home? Carpeting is a possibility that will provide you with choices and variety. You can learn more about your different options here.

The Advantages of Tile Flooring

Are you upgrading your home’s flooring? Have you considered all options? Check out these advantages of tile flooring to make the best decision for your home.

Reasons to use Laminate Flooring

If you find yourself struggling to decide on the flooring best for your home, consider laminate. It offers many benefits; discover more details about them here.

The advantages of quartz countertops

The Advantages of Quartz Countertops

Are you planning a kitchen remodel but aren’t sure what countertop options you have? Check out this article for some of the benefits of using quartz.

How To Nail a Monochromatic Color Scheme - Floors 55

How To Nail a Monochromatic
Color Scheme

Some people say monochromatic color schemes are bad, but there’s more to them than you think. Use these tips for nailing this color scheme in your home

The Different Types of Hardwood Flooring

If you're considering hardwood floors, you must do your research. Discover the different kinds of hardwood flooring and more helpful information in this article.

How To Choose the Right Hardwood Flooring - 55 Floors

How To Choose the Right
Hardwood Flooring

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re choosing new hardwood floors. Follow this guide for some questions that will help you make the right choice.

The difference between engineered and solid hardwood

The Difference Between Engineered and Solid Hardwood

As two common building materials, engineered and solid hardwood are great for home flooring. Here is a breakdown comparing these two materials.

The different types of flooring to choose from - Floors 55 in Portland and Oregon City, Oregon

The Different Types of Flooring
To Choose From

When designing a home, it’s important you consider the right components that add comfort and style. With flooring, you have plenty of options to choose from.

The Advantages of Hardwood Flooring

The Advantages of
Hardwood Flooring

Are you struggling to find a cost-efficient, high-quality flooring material? Check out these top reasons to install hardwood flooring in your home.

Interior design trends of 2020 you must try - Floors 55 in Portland and Oregon City, Oregon

Interior Design Trends of 2020
You Must Try

Check out these top interior design trends of 2020 that will make you want to spruce up your house as a new, inviting, and comfortable living space.

2020 Hardwood Flooring Color Trends - Floors 55 in Portland and Oregon City, Oregon

2020 Hardwood Flooring Color Trends

Interior design can be challenging due to all the options. We’ve compiled the top hardwood flooring color trends to create the best style for your home.

The best materials for countertops - Floors 55 in Portland and Oregon City, Oregon

The Best Materials for Countertops

Whether you’re looking for a luxury marble finish or cost-efficient tile, these are the best materials for countertops every homeowner must know about.