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Granite & Quartz Countertops Portland, OR

At Floors 55, we provide high-quality granite and quartz countertops in Portland, OR. With over two decades of experience in the flooring industry, Floors 55 is the preferred choice.
Granite countertops

Granite Counters

Slab granite countertops come in both 2cm and 3cm thicknesses. It can be installed directly on top of cabinets to achieve a seamless “one piece” look. Granite has intricate color patterns which make it a more beautiful surface than most quartz counters. Many types of granite exhibit veining and mineral streaking. This adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the countertop. Natural stone will need to be sealed as a regular part of maintenance.
If you are looking for granite counters, come to one of Floors 55 two showrooms to see the hundreds of different options!

Quartz countertops

 Quartz Counters

We carry the top brands and manufacturers of quartz countertops at our Portland location, including Caesarstone, Cambria, Silestone, Pental, Cosmos, Samsung Radianz, and LG Hausys.  Choose from a wide range of colorful selections in our showroom.

Our experienced staff will walk you through the selection process, give you a free estimate and give you the best price in the Portland and Oregon City areas for quartz countertops. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients premier-quality counters while delivering superior customer service.

Why Quartz Countertops?

Many professional designers and countertop experts say that quartz is the new “go-to” counter material because of its unique features.  So, what are those?

• Highly durable, little or no maintenance.
• High resistance to heat, water & freezing damages.
• No annual sealing required for look and protection.
• Easy to clean with average household products.
• Bacterial & Stain resistant surface.
• Colors and patterns that are not found in natural stone.

For more information about our superior granite and quartz countertops in Portland, Oregon, contact us today! Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


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