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Floors 55 near downtown Portland provides the finest carpets and lowest prices available;   Stainmaster carpet, porcelain and ceramic tile , vinyl and  hardwood flooring , laminate, granite and quartz countertops with a full service approach at wholesale pricing is also availableCarpet stores in Portland near you can’t beat the experience or knowledge level of Floors 55. Come in and experience our new showroom!

What Makes a Quality Carpet?

Most people who come into our store will learn many things about carpet or what kind of carpet they are looking for. That’s not surprising since people normally only shop for carpet once or twice in their lifetime. With such a long lasting decision, come see our carpet experts to walk you through our process.

While other carpet stores sell carpet by ounce weight, at Floors 55, we believe that weight by itself is not a true measure of quality. We typically look at three variables: pile height, density, and twist.

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Carpet Pile Height

Pile Height

Pile height is the length of the tuft or yarn. 1/4″ is considered low, 1/2″ is medium and 3/4″ is high pile height. In most cases, the more moderate the pile height the better the carpet will wear. However that’s not always the case. A great way to think of it is like a shaft of wheat – The taller it grows the more it begins to fall over. We call this matting.

Carpet Density


Density is a measure of how tightly the yarn is packed together. The higher the density, the thicker and more durable it is. The tufts of yarn in a dense carpet will support themselves as it is walked on; a lower density carpet will matt or crush easily.

Carpet Twist


Twist is how tightly each tuft is twisted. Typically, the tighter the twist, the better the performance. Obviously, the tighter the twist the more yarn per inch. Loosely twisted yarn is more apt to unravel or to matt or crush.

Styles of Carpet

From this point all you need to do is find the right family of carpet. By family we mean style, like Texture, Frieze, Loop, Berber, etc. We have many different styles and colors to fit every room and every budget. Floors 55 provides and installs carpeting from all the major manufacturers.

Picking the right style of carpet is more about personal taste than anything else, but our experienced team can help you find the right fit for your house. Styles include:

  • Loop
  • Cut Pile: Tufted carpet that is sheared
  • Cut Uncut: Some loop, and some cut carpet together
  • Densely Type Carpet
  • Frieze

All of these carpets have different looks and textures, so come into our store room and see for yourself. Softness is also important to our customers, and we believe it’s important to feel the carpet.

A common misconception is that softer carpet will not hold up as well over time. Soft carpet actually does not mean it will perform worse and get matted or crushed. All it means is that the fibers are a smaller denier, which means it’s lighter, thinner, and will feel better on the touch.

Stain Resistant Carpet

Stainmaster has three main lines of carpet that are all stain resistant. There is a soft line, an essentials line – which is not quite as soft, but a little bit more affordable – and a luxury line, that is very soft and holds up extremely well over its lifetime.

The Perfect Carpet for Pets

Stainmaster has a PetProtect line with a warranty protecting against pet stains. In addition, the fiber structure of this carpet prevents pet hair from sticking to it.

The Stainmaster PetProtect line is easy to clean. Stainmaster uses proprietary carpet design that allows you to remove pet hair with a normal vacuum. It also reduces pet odors by not allowing moisture to sink into the carpet should accidents occur.

Solving the Carpet Fiber Mystery

Find out the difference between carpet fibers.

Nylon Carpet

At Floors 55, we believe that Stainmaster Nylon Carpet is the best on the market. It has superior stain resistance, and typically does not matt or crush as easily as others.

We also have a variety of other nylon options for different types of houses and budgets.

Polyester Carpet

Polyester carpet doesn’t perform quite as well as nylon carpets over time, but it has improved dramatically in the last 15-20 years. A solution-dyed polyester has superior stain resistance – even to nylon – because you can use bleach to clean it without damaging the fiber. Polyester carpet is less expensive and does a good job overall.

Wool Carpet

Wool carpet is a natural product that performs well, cleans well, and is our greenest option. Wool carpet has a wonderful natural warmth and beauty and has been used for centuries.

Polypropylene & Olefin Carpet

Polypropylene/Olefin carpet is a popular choice among commercial customers. It’s the most affordable carpet and provides excellent value for those who want carpet flooring without breaking the bank.

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

Floors 55 is your source for floor and wall tiles in the Portland metro area.

Quality craftsmanship, the best price.  We insist on the first and deliver the second.  Our experienced team can help guide you in making the best product selection for your next tile project.

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Bathroom Tile Floor
Living room wood floor

Hardwood Flooring

Portland hardwood flooring, with style.

Great prices on all hardwood flooring. The warmth and class of hardwood, nothing beats the real thing.  We offer a large selection of both Solid and Engineered hardwoods.  Check with us today to see our complete selection.

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Laminate Flooring

Floors 55 has the best prices on Laminate flooring in the Portland.

While there are hundreds of different manufacturers of laminate flooring. Floors 55 sells only a select few. The finest.

Laminate floors offer an easy-to-install and maintain flooring system. It’s an extremely wear resistant product that can withstand a high amount of impact.

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Bedroom with laminate floors
Kitchen island countertop


We’ve got the perfect countertop solution for your project.

Ask our countertop experts about your project.

Not sure about what to use on the new counters? Want to tear out the 1970′s bathroom and remodel it?  Just contact us and we will be happy to consult with you on your project with no obligation.

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Vinyl Flooring

Floors 55 is Portland Oregon’s vinyl supplier.

No matter what type of vinyl flooring you are looking for, we have it.  We carry luxury vinyl tile, vinyl sheet flooring, Vinyl composition tile (VCT), marmoleum flooring and the very popular vinyl plank flooring.

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