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Hardwood Flooring comes in many different types of woods, colors, and finishes. A wood floor can add a rugged style for an old Craftsman home, or put an elegant flair on a Victorian house.

Engineered Birch Hardwood Floors

At Floors 55, we have an experienced, knowledgeable staff that can help you select the perfect wood flooring for your house — one that will blend in with the style of your home and accommodate your budget.

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Affordable Hardwood Flooring

Affordable hardwood flooring is important for many of our customers, and we pride ourselves on having some of the best hardwood flooring pricing in Portland. We cater to many of the local builders and contractors who know that Floors 55 offers the best quality, service and price. Because of our low overhead we are also able to pass those savings on to you.

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Types of Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring comes in two basic types of construction: solid and engineered hardwood. What you will want for your house may vary based on budget and the existing flooring where you are looking to place the floor.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid hardwood is exactly what it sounds like – a wood floor that is crafted out of a single piece of wood. This type of construction may be installed on a floor that is either on grade of above grade. In most cases there are specific requirements for the type of underlayment that it may be installed over.

You can use multiple types of wood for solid hardwood floors, but we commonly use hickory, maple, oak, and birch. You can also have a variety of finishes: gloss, smooth with a matte floor finish, smooth with a semi-gloss finish, or a brushed finish – which has more texture than the others but isn’t quite handscraped. You can also have your floor distressed, handscraped, or textured. Again, the benefits are going to be mostly visual, so visiting our showroom is the best way to get a good feel for what would work best in your house.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered hardwood floors are made up of layers, similar to plywood. The direction of the grain changes in each layer in order, which makes the floor dimensionally stable and greatly reduces expansion and contraction.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Stairs

Engineered floors are popular because they are typically less expensive and can work in more applications that solid wood. You can sometimes place engineered floors directly on top of your existing floor, and you can install it on any floor in your house. With solid floors, you’ll sometimes need to take out all of the underlayment and attach it to the tongue and groove or the sheet subfloor – which basically means it’s a more complicated and expensive installation process.

Unfinished or pre-finish wood

Both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floors are available in both unfinished and pre-finished wood. Prefinished works for a lot of customers because you can put it in your house right away, whereas unfinished will take a few days before you can move all your furniture back into the room. Some people, especially contractors, prefer unfinished wood though because you have a larger selection of colors and finishes, plus you have the option to flush the wood right up next to each other without bevels, which is a popular design option.

An unfinished product is first installed and sanded. A finish is then applied on the job by the installer. It is possible to custom stain an unfinished floor. Usually, the installer applies 2 to 3 coats of finish. Please keep in mind that after the installation the house will be required to be empty for the entire sand and finish process.

A pre-finished product has the finish applied at the factory. Depending on the product, here are 5 to 7 coats of finish applied. The finish is UV cured, which makes it much harder than job site finished products.

Types of Wood

The type of wood that you use is one of the most important factors for aesthetics, pricing, and long-term performance. We carry most of the common flooring woods – hickory, maple, oak, birch – as well as a good variety of exotic wood floors, such Brazilian Cherry, also known as Jatoba.

Oak flooring is extremely popular in the northwest and fits in with many different styles while providing a fairly hard surface. Hardness is one of the most important aspects of your wood floor because it provides a nice gauge on how long the floor will hold up, as well as being able to resist dents and dings. Maple and hickory are each strong, solid woods, while Jatoba looks beautiful in a variety of settings while providing top notch hardness.

Photosensitivity is another major consideration while selecting a hardwood floor. Depending on how much sunlight is hitting the floor, some woods will pick up a yellow color over time, while others will become golden and darker. Some woods will become richer and darker over time with UV exposure. Brazilian Cherry is known to be very photosensitive and will add a rich, dark character with exposure to the sun.

Selection and Experience

Our goal is to help you find exactly what you are looking for when you come into our store. We have many display products with a number of different stains. We have a vast array of display floors that you can walk on and feel for yourself. We carry many different brands, including:

If there is a brand that you are looking for that we don’t carry, we can help you either locate that brand or find something similar to it that will work for your house.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

We can install your hardwood floor for all homes, new and old. We will make sure that the floor will fit your house and ensure that the moisture and home conditions are appropriate for the flooring that you are putting down. We provide free estimates and will come out to your home to make sure that installation will go smoothly before you commit to anything. For Do It Yourself advice.

Contact Floors 55

The Floors 55 showroom is conveniently located in Portland, just a few blocks north of OMSI on the corner of Water and SE Main Street (55 SE Main St Portland, Oregon). If you have any questions on your floors, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 503-491-1776 or contact us online. Our team is very experience and can help you out with whatever type of floor you are searching for!