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Portland, Oregon area tile stores can’t meet the service and selection offered by Floors 55. We have exceptional experience with helping customers find exactly what they are looking for. If you already have a preference for a particular tile or stone, great! We can help you refine your selection and find the perfect design or best price. Most of our customers, however, don’t really know what they want. Our process involves asking questions based on your needs and making a recommendation that fits the design and budget of your project.

Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and natural stone tile are the most common types of tiles. We also offer slate, marble, glass and more. These types of tile have different styles, colors, and purposes. Our tile experts can help you find the right stone for your house. Not sure about what tile to use on the new counters and backsplash? Want to tear out the 1970’s bathroom and remodel it? Just contact us and we will be happy to consult with you on your project with no obligation.

There are many different styles and colors available in ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tile. The only limitation to the product category is where these products can be installed.

  • Wall tile (ceramic tile) can be installed on walls and in many cases may also be installed on countertops.
  • Floor tile (ceramic or porcelain tile) can be installed on floors, walls and counters.
  • Natural stone tile may be used on all floors, walls and counters. Granites and marbles may be installed indoors or outdoors. Granite is commonly used on kitchen counters.

After installation and grouting, the grout will need to be sealed. We recommend that sealing take place after it has been grouted at least 10 days. This is important because this time is needed for the grout to completely cure. If the grouts are sealed without curing completely, blotching may occur. With most ceramic and porcelain tile only the grout will need to be sealed. We recommend that all natural stone products be sealed.

Types of Tiles

Porcelain tile is the most common tile we sell. Porcelain tile is a more refined clay than ceramic tile. It’s considerably harder, frost proof, and holds up extremely well over time. You can get porcelain tile in polished versions, non-polished versions, glazed versions, or fired versions.

Ceramic tile is mostly used for wall use or in showers or backsplashes. Ceramic tile is entirely glazed, so you’ll see it in more colorful options. Shiny ceramic tile is commonly used in bathrooms, especially the white subway 3×6 tile that is mostly commonly ceramic.

There are multiple types of natural stone tiles. Slate and marble and granite are the most common stone options along with limestone and quartzite. All of those come in 12×12 or 24×24 blocks. Travertine is another, softer stone, which looks a little more rustic.

Real stone tends to be a very popular type of tile, but another popular type of style is wood grain tile. Wood grain tile looks like wood, but is most commonly made out of porcelain. Some people want tile that looks like concrete or slate, but doesn’t have the challenges of natural slate. We have many options of porcelain that resemble other types of tile, but have the same cost-effectiveness and durability that porcelain offers.

Tile Floor Installation

Tile installation is a complicated process depending on the type of project, and Floors 55 can either help you install the tile yourself or install it for you. There are a couple different types of installation. In the northwest, we use a thin-set type of installation. If you are installing tiles on the floor, we can install it directly over concrete with a thin-set or we can use a concrete port – called a hardie board or a wonderboard – if it’s being installed on a wood substrate. We nail down the wonderboard to the sub floor and create a concrete substrate for the tile to be installed over the top of. This prevents movement in the floor, which prevents cracking and movement in the tile. Basically, we cement the tile in place.

Floors 55 also does mud set installation, which is most commonly used in showers. Often, people will want mosaic tiles under their feet, which is a situation where we use a liner that drains the water. There is sand and mortar packed into a slope and then tile is installed on top of that.

Tile is very commonly installed by homeowners. Tile installation is one of the most popular Do-It-Yourself projects because it can be very easy in certain situations and you can replace individual tiles if you make a mistake. Outdoor tile installation is very common. Unless you know what you’re doing, we typically don’t recommend attempting indoor tile installation though, because even a small error can cause your entire floor to fail which might mean replacing the whole thing. Shower tile installation can be a very dangerous process especially because of the possibility of water intrusion. Unless you have experience with tile installation, however, we usually recommend professional installation. We can install your tile for an affordable cost, and our tile experts have many years of experience.

Tile Availability

Making sure your tile is readily available is very important to Floors 55. Often, it can take up to four weeks to get the tiles you want. Just about everything that we display is locally available, including all of our hard surface products. We try to have everything that we display in the showroom available locally, with most of our selection coming from Oregon and Washington, or California at the very worst. We try to show things that are available quickly, which is important to our customers because our customers usually want to get the project done within a reasonable timeframe – especially if they’re having issues with their current flooring.

At Floors 55 we have a large selection at all types of tile and natural stone products on display. Come visit our showroom today!

Need help? Have a question about your tile project? Call us at 503-491-1776.

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