The worst interior design mistakes to avoid

The Worst Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid

When it’s time to give your home’s appearance a refresh, it’s easy to accidentally choose the wrong design or make mistakes during the remodel—no matter how minute of an alteration it is. Some errors are more difficult or costly to fix than others, especially when changing out your flooring or furniture. Before you start to make changes to your home’s interior design, learn a few of the worst interior design mistakes to avoid, and keep them fresh in your mind as you make critical decisions.

Cluttering a Room

Wanting to fill a room to the brim with your favorite furniture, art, and accessories because you love them is tempting—but, ultimately, a mistake. Not only does keeping all your favorite things in one room take away from their individual importance, but you’ll also take functionality out of the space you’re decorating.

Avoid cluttering the space with too many large pieces of furniture, and keep the walkways clear for anyone to use. Stick to a theme for the smaller pieces of décor and light fixtures. Even if you don’t have too much furniture, the “cluttered” feeling can still come from putting the furniture you do have too close to each other. If guests feel cluttered or claustrophobic while in the room, its overall effect becomes cluttered.

Matching Everything by Color

You don’t need to know color theory to develop a pleasant interior design scheme that uses more than one color. Even if you use a simple neutral color like black or white to complement your one-color scheme, it’s better than sticking to the single tone. This mistake goes for houses with purely white interior designs as well—don’t let your home become a laboratory. Add some splashes of color or black to make your design choices matter.

Avoiding Carpet

For years, designers have ranted about carpets and made people think that even a luxurious carpet was one of the worst interior design mistakes to avoid. Carpet has its place in a home’s high-end design. While it doesn’t belong in every room, there are some spaces where carpet is the perfect decision. Living rooms, bedrooms, and playrooms thrive with carpeting—no one likes walking barefoot on cold flooring!

The real design flaw with carpets comes when they don’t receive the proper maintenance. A dirty or old carpet is far more apparent than any other type of flooring—sometimes, you can even smell it. Build a routine to keep your luxury carpet clean by vacuuming, shampooing, and keeping hazards away from it. With so many types of carpet to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect flooring for your beautiful interior design.

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