The difference between engineered and solid hardwood

The Difference Between Engineered and Solid Hardwood

While there are many flooring options available today, two stand out as some of the most popular: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. However, given their names and visuals, many homeowners are confused about these two materials. This guide on the difference between engineered and solid hardwood will explain the advantages to both flooring options and how they can fit with your budget, purpose, and interior design.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood, also known as laminate hardwood, is a type of wood flooring made from layers bonded together. The floorboards are wider using pre-finished beveled edges creating slight grooves between them. Click-lock or glue-down edges and floating floors make engineered hardwood a great DIY installation option. It’s sold almost always as pre-finished with various colors and species to choose from. Engineered hardwood is slightly more humid-resistant and stable than solid hardwood as it’s less susceptible to warping from heat or moisture. While significantly cheaper to install than solid hardwood, engineered hardwood nevertheless can only be refinished once or twice before replacing it, which is usually necessary between twenty to thirty years.

Solid Hardwood

On the other hand, solid hardwood is narrower, holds tightly, and is available in pre-finished and unfinished options. Tight seams and a range of colors and species ensure unique grains and designs. Concrete can cause solid hardwood to swell and warp through humidity and moisture. Like engineered hardwood, solid hardwood is very easy to clean. Simply wipe and sweep with wood cleaner and a damp mop to ensure a spotless finish. Still, another difference between engineered and solid hardwood is that the latter can be sanded several times before exhausting its wood surface. This creates a longer lifespan from thirty to one-hundred years or even longer. Given its popularity and aesthetic appeal, solid hardwood is always a sought-after interior component for realtors and homebuyers. The detail and focus required for installing solid hardwood mean that only professionals should handle this project.

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