The best material for countertops

The Best Materials for Countertops

When people decide on kitchen customization, many factors come to mind. Light fixtures, appliances, and storage space all affect the layout of the room. More so, homeowners must decide on the best materials for countertops. This can become a headache due to costs, installation, and the heat-, stain-, and cut-resistance of the materials. Read this guide for more information.


Marble is a common countertop material used in luxury designs. No two marble sheets are the same, which makes every countertop unique. It’s typically used for islands or counter sections, given its high price point. Even still, homeowners must know that marble can scratch and stain, which may make it problematic for certain dishes. Marble’s extravagance can raise real estate values, but upkeep is necessary and can be difficult.


An exceptional and cost-efficient countertop option is tile. Costing as little as $5 per square foot, tile is an appealing and versatile material. Since it’s rough, it naturally resists cuts, stains, and heat. Not to mention, any broken tiles are easily replaceable. Homeowners may also appreciate the wide range of color and style options available. You can mix and match any tile designs for a unique look. Nevertheless, too much weight on a tile can cause it to crack, and tiles can often lead to uneven work surfaces. The grout lines are often areas where grime collects, allowing bacteria to grow.


Arguably the best material for kitchen countertops, quartz is durable and highly sought after. This is because it’s virtually indestructible. Its strength against cuts, drops, or other issues is unprecedented. It also resists stains and bacteria. With these benefits, however, comes a hefty price. Quartz is not heat-resistant, nor is it cost-effective. Sunlight can discolor it, and the contemporary looks it gives may not suit those who want a traditionally styled kitchen.


Another luxury stone worth mentioning is granite. Many people value granite’s heavy resistance against cracks and chips. It even has high heat-resistance properties compared to other stone materials. Continual sealer even protects against stains. Like marble, granite can raise property value. Many colors and types can also match any preferred kitchen design. Even with these advantages, granite sheets can vary, which can harm a kitchen’s cohesiveness. Also, granite installation can be tricky; only professionals should be involved. Further, the stone is naturally porous; without a proper sealer, liquids can soak in.


Finally, wood and butcher blocks make for great natural materials. Those who desire a comfortable kitchen will appreciate the natural colors and finishes available. Maple and oak are some of the most common woods used due to their long-lasting quality and easy maintenance. Like natural stone, wood can be expensive. Cuts, heat, and water can also seriously ruin it if improperly maintained. Still, frequent oil and sealant will help protect its exterior.

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