Reasons why some laminate floors last longer

Reasons Why Some Laminate Floors Last Longer

When you purchase a new floor, you want it to last at least a decade. Though laminate usually lasts between 10 and 15 years, some people can make theirs last up to 20 or 25 years! Whether you’re planning to install laminate in your home or a rental property, considering these common reasons why some laminate floors last longer will help you extend the life of your beautiful new flooring.

Extend Laminate’s Life With Routine Maintenance

One of the main appeals of laminate flooring is how easy it is to clean. However, the materials you use to clean it and how often you do so will impact the lifespan of the floor.

Laminate becomes a facsimile of wood, stone, or tile with an image layer that sits right below the surface layer. The surface of this affordable flooring is transparent—flooring manufacturers cover the image layer with a clear protective coating that can withstand impacts, scratches, and UV rays.

If you use too much water when you clean the floors, it may seep through imperfections in the coating or through the seams of the plank. Harsh cleaning chemicals can also degrade the top layer. You can refinish the laminate if you notice the degradation before it damages the image layer, but if your image layer wears out, your only option is to purchase new flooring.

Helpful Tip: Use a simple spray mop to clean the floor when it’s dirty. Don’t use a standard mop and bucket!

Install It in a Low-Traffic Area

Another factor that endangers the top layer is heavy foot traffic. Flooring is meant for people to step on, but over time, the constant stress of people stepping, sliding, or dragging their feet across the surface of the laminate will wear down the clear finish. If you want your laminate to last longer, consider installing it in an area with lower foot traffic, such as an office.

Refinish the floors every three to five years, or whenever you notice light damage to the surface. Don’t put off refinishing a laminate floor if you notice damage!

Remember: Laminate flooring hates moisture. Don’t put laminate where people commonly spill water, such as in a bathroom or kitchen!

Clean Laminate Immediately After a Spill

Do you have a habit of leaving water spills on the floor to dry? If you install laminate flooring, you must break that habit as soon as possible. Any spill or mess that you leave on your laminate can breach the surface and damage the image layer.

The simplest reason why some laminate floors last longer is because the homeowner cleans messes when they happen instead of leaving them.
Helpful Tip: Absorb as much liquid as you can with a dry towel before wiping the rest of the mess away.

Now that you’re prepared to set your new flooring up for a successful, long life, take the next step by purchasing high-quality laminate from Floors 55—one of the most trusted flooring stores in Portland.