Interior design trends of 2020 you must try

Interior Design Trends of 2020 You Must Try

There are many ways to optimize your living space. Some people focus on their curb appeal, others focus on add-ons like swimming pools or backyard patios. Still, most people want to optimize their interiors. In that case, check out these interior design trends of 2020 you must try

Curved Shapes

Curvy shapes are an interior design trend popularized during the 1960s and 1970s. It consists of rounded furniture but with modern aesthetics. The line and curve mesh form curvatures that highlight the piece’s visual beauty. This includes sofas, chaises, benches, and chairs. Many homeowners prefer rounded furniture because it’s inviting and free form. The waves, circles, and curves help create softness and tranquility.

Multifunctional Spaces

Multifunctional spaces are another popular interior trend for working folks. As many people work from home, a multifunctional space allows for greater fluidity. From here, you can eat, sleep, drink, and socialize all in one space. Some popular multifunctional room combinations include kitchen and dining room, dining and workstation, bedroom and playroom, gym and basement/garage, and office and living room. Still, you can make a combination of three or more functional spaces too. These rooms are limitless in style, so create one that fits your lifestyle best.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainability and eco-friendly living have become widespread trends today. Many homeowners opt for energy-efficient changes in their homes. With ethical purchasing, these items include water-conserving toilets, energy-efficient lightbulbs, smart technologies, and fair-trade furnishings. Similarly, many people incorporate plants and natural lighting into their homes for an ambient, environmentally friendly space. Harvested materials like acacia and rattan reflect warm, earthy elements that represent environmental consciousness. Rattan and wicker are perfect for modern, transitional, bohemian, or other styles of interior design. They’re organic elements that pair well with other décor options. 

Contrasting Décor

Layered contrasting décor matches subtle and neutral elements into one complete look. Colors, materials, and styles can contrast each other to create this image. Consider how contrasted elements could help your home. For example, bold colors accentuate walls and spaces when paired with key furniture. Otherwise, tiles, antiques, and other accessories complement a room as well. Look into ornate consoles paired with a sleek bench, antique tables with Lucite chairs, vintage accessories with modern art, and modern light fixtures with antique sofa for the perfect balance on modern and vintage. 

Mixed Metals

Alternatively, mixed metals are a newer 2020 interior design trend you should try. Metal furnishings are becoming all the rage. This includes silver, gold, tin, and copper to help make a room stand out. Take it a step further and combine some of these. For instance, mix warm metals, like copper, gold, or brass, together and cooled colored metals (like aluminum, silver, stainless steel, together. Neutral metals, like cast iron, can combine well with either. Remember to choose a dominant color and an accentuating one. This ensures an even flow with the metal style which won’t overpower the room. Don’t cluster the metals in one part. Spread them over various horizontal and vertical planes for a full elemental space.

Non-White Spaces

Unbelievably, while white is a comforting color, it can also dull a room. Ponder something different. Non-white spaces are gaining popularity in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other spaces. While the all-white kitchen was a staple in the past, the 2020s see the emergence of something else. This includes wood or painted cabinets, islands, shelves, fixtures, walls, countertops, or flooring. All of these promote a bright and airy feeling without dull whiteness. Light shades of pink, grey, blue, or green make great alternatives.

Floral Wallpaper

Of course, a simple change from traditional white walls is wallpaper. Applying wallpaper is easy. All you need is your preferred design style, wallpaper paste, an application brush, measuring tool, trimming knife, and maybe a tape measure to ensure even measurements. From there, you can decide which wallpaper to use. Some people prefer a bold color that they can switch out every few years. Others opt for floral designs that are making a 2020 comeback. They’re large-scale, bold, and highlight certain rooms, like bathrooms, entryways, or foyers. No other wow factor compares to floral wallpaper. Its vibrancy and contrasting colors add personality to a dining room or bedroom.

A Home Office

As previously mentioned, many people now have the capability to work from home. This demands a space where creative processes, intuitive thinking, and problem-solving can integrate. In other words, design your own home office. Not everyone has the means to convert a spare bedroom or extra space into an office, and that’s okay. You can convert a corner of an existing room or any space into a work environment. From a full spare bedroom to a tiny closet, these are all convertible. Depending on your space, consider floating shelves, desk, office chair, lap desk, or other items that can boost your productivity.

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds make you feel like royalty. You have the option to drape heavy fabrics around the bed for privacy and decoration. Alternatively, you can ditch the heavy fabrics and heavy headboard for modern acrylic or metal styles instead. Either way, canopy beds are serene, luxurious, and stylish. Switch out the heavy posts for modern, chic frames too. Your bedroom will feel airy, comforting, and tranquil.


Lastly, antique and kitchen art help distinguish a room. You may have noticed the 2020 trend of displaying antique and vintage collectibles. This includes art. Start a vintage art collection around your house to tell a story. Older paintings give a room age and a story. Your guests will ponder their interpretations which makes for a flowing dinner conversation. Likewise, further this ambiance with art in your kitchen. Not many people decorate their kitchen given its practicality. Still, it is a great space for the display of art or antique items. You’ll have some interesting pieces to look at while you’re cooking, prepping, or eating.

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