How to pick the right flooring for your space

How to Pick The Right Flooring For Your Space

Choosing perfect new flooring for any room in the house can be a struggle, whether you’re tackling it for the first time or the fifth time. You want the design to match your aesthetic, the room to feel comfortable, and the flooring to be as resilient as the rest of your home is—but it can be tricky knowing which types of flooring will fit every category at once. Start designing rooms like a professional by first learning how to pick the right flooring for your space, and your friends will start relying on your opinion for their floors too!

Consider the Needs of Your Household

Every household has a diverse set of needs that are unique to everyone that lives there—and that includes a preferred type of flooring. Before you settle on a final flooring decision, think about how the floors will impact you and your family or how your family will impact the floors.

While a luxurious hardwood floor may look beautiful, a household with children or pets may have difficulties keeping the flooring looking flawless. As such, they may need to choose a more durable type of flooring instead, such as laminate planks. Young children still learning how to walk may need a safe space to tumble and crawl, making plush carpeted flooring an ideal option. Make sure to consider the purpose of every room of the house along with your lifestyle when choosing the type of floors.

Keep Your Home Design in Mind

As you search for the perfect flooring style, it’s important that you don’t pick a type of floor that clashes with the other elements in your home. A floor may catch your attention with its unique beauty, but you must remember the big picture before purchasing—consider the furniture, wall design, and mood of each room. Pick a floor that both looks appealing and perfectly complements the space for a satisfying addition to any room.

Always Think About the Money

Your budget matters with every design choice you make in your home. Quality new flooring can be inexpensive or come at a high price point depending on the type you choose. Furthermore, many options have budget-friendly alternatives that a flooring expert can guide you toward if you love a certain style. If you plan on making the home more attractive on the market, consider how brand-new, elegant floors will impact the overall value of the property and take that into account when spending more than you intended to.

No matter what stage of life you’re in and what your house looks like, the concept of how to pick the right flooring for your space will affect the entire aesthetic of the home. For any flooring need, Floors 55 will provide you with a plethora of high-quality options as you browse through our showroom online or at our carpet store in Portland.