How to pair your flooring to your décor

How To Pair Your Flooring to Your Décor

Replacing the flooring in a home when you already have furniture can be a hassle. You have to find flooring that not only matches the doors, countertops, cabinets, and walls but also the existing furniture. By learning how to pair your flooring to your décor now, you’ll save yourself from the design hassles that come with every room you redecorate. Our advice is sure to facilitate your difficult decision.

Consider the Mood of the Room

A room’s flooring defines its mood. If your furniture and flooring don’t match up, guests will notice. Dark, luxurious hardwood flooring will perfectly emulate an elegant atmosphere with similarly luxurious furniture. For a comfortable cabin look, try a middle shade of hardwood with a cozy rug to avoid having too much wood in your design. Lighter shades of hardwood provide a tropical feeling in rooms accented with cabana-style furniture.

Vinyl flooring provides many different colors, styles, and patterns to suit the atmospheric needs of any room in the house. Whether you need the look of hardwood, masonry, or tile without the hassles and price tags that come with them, vinyl will complete the look of the room with a perfect match for your furniture.

Pairing Flooring to the Colors and Materials of Your Furniture

When you’re matching the floors to the furniture, it’s important to remember that you don’t always want to pick flooring that’s the same color as the furniture. Complementary colors will suit a room better than the same color. For example, if you have cherrywood furniture, using cherrywood flooring will only blend the two together, and neither will stand out. Pick darker flooring with lighter furniture and lighter-toned furniture for dark furniture. For rooms with bright, cheery moods, the difference in tone doesn’t matter so long as the colors don’t match.

The same goes for the materials of the flooring. Too much wood in a room may lead to an unintended design faux pas. If you pick white tile to go in your bathroom with white porcelain furnishings, the room will be too bright, the slightest flaws will be exposed, and you’ll need to put more effort into cleaning. Vinyl flooring goes perfectly in a bathroom, with its multitude of styles and its easy-to-clean nature.

Digital Flooring Visualizers

At Floors 55, you’ll never have to worry about whether a type of flooring matches the furniture with our virtual visualizer function on most flooring. Online visualizers are some of the most modern ways to see how to pair your flooring to your décor, serving as the best ways to imagine your room with the flooring of your dreams. Simply upload a photo of the room that needs a flooring update and watch the tool fill the room with your chosen flooring. Contact us today if you need assistance, a quote, or samples of our high-quality hardwood flooring in Portland.