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How To Nail a Monochromatic Color Scheme

There’s nothing wrong with a monochromatic-colored room. In fact, it can accentuate the interior space more than mixed and matched colors. Whether it’s light, dark, warm, or cool, whichever color scheme you choose will showcase your furnishings and décor. Use this guide on how to nail a monochromatic color scheme, and see how to enhance your interior design with one color pattern.

Pick a Color You Enjoy

When you’re choosing a monochromatic color scheme, it’s essential to stick to your inner aesthetic values. In other words, choose a color you feel confident about. You can make any room look great with almost any color if you feel confident about it. It doesn’t matter how guests feel about it, because it’s your home. Take your time, and choose the right color to match your personality and mood.

Consider Mood

Mood plays a significant role in your color choice. Color theory dictates that different colors initiate different moods or emotions. For instance, warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow reflect happiness, enthusiasm, and energy. Cooler colors such as blue, green, and purple are said to reflect calmness and professionalism. Regardless, build your palette using the primary or secondary color of your choice. Don’t disregard highlights, either. You can showcase a mood or emotion with other colors to create a perfect, reflective atmosphere.

Don’t Forget the Carpet or Mirrors

Just as you should never leave walls white, you should never leave carpet, mirrors, or décor blank. Mirrors can adopt your color choice and further highlight its aesthetics. For example, mirrors with blue or purple tones can give off an evening or nighttime aesthetic, which creates a relaxing atmosphere. Don’t neglect the carpet, either. Set the carpet to the color palette of the room. Better yet, spread colored carpet or rugs throughout the room to create a visual display.

Prioritize Placement

The last tip in this guide on how to nail a monochromatic color scheme is to prioritize placement. Put softer shades on large surfaces such as walls or ceilings for broader visual appeal. At the same time, save brighter or bolder hues for smaller pieces to make them stand out. Even smaller accents such as borders can make your room more distinguishable.

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