How to create a playroom that's fun and functional

How To Create a Playroom That’s Fun and Functional

Creating a dedicated space in your house for your children to have playtime saves you from the dangers and messes that come with having playtime all over the home. One organized area with plenty of storage and space for playing will keep toys, crafts, and games concentrated to the same room of the house.
The challenge of creating a playroom comes with designing it as a flexible, fun, and functional space that your children can grow up in. No matter which whimsical direction you take with the space, learn how to create a playroom that’s fun and functional before getting to work on your exciting new project.

Add Fun Furniture

A playroom shouldn’t have all the stiff, mature furniture that fills the rest of your home—a design theme often doesn’t matter to a child. Fascinate your kids with furniture that plays different roles in the room, like cushions that shift into a couch or various other shapes that make playtime more fun. Transforming furniture helps a room serve many purposes, whether it’s for reading, playing, or watching a movie.

Zone Out the Space

Keeping a child entertained requires plenty of hobbies and activities to grab their attention. Once they lose interest in one thing, they’ll move onto the next in no time at all. Zoning the room will help you keep toys organized with ease, even as they move from phase to phase.
By keeping the playroom zoned out by activity, you can keep rotating the space as your child shifts their interests. This constant change to the room will add more intrigue to the area and help avoid boredom, whether you create zones themed around their favorite series or the activities themselves. Use various rugs to present each zone appropriately.

Keep Plenty of Storage

Tons of toys and a plethora of activities requires just as much storage. When furnishing and decorating the room, don’t forget to add enough storage to keep the space organized and clean. Extra storage in the playroom makes it easier to teach your child how to keep organized.  

Prepare the Room for the Future

As your child grows older, the meaning of “functionality” changes from extra storage and room to other uses for the entire space. Keep a desk in the room that you can transition from a craft station to their future homework station. You may also want to add a pullout couch to turn the room into a space for sleepovers and guests.

Make the Space Easy To Clean

If you make the room too difficult to keep clean from the messes that come with children, it’ll quickly lose its pristine charm. All furniture and room materials should be washable and easy to wipe down and renew. Begin with the foundation of the room—the floor—and keep cleanliness in mind as you fill up the play area.
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