How to choose the right hardwood flooring

How To Choose the Right Hardwood Flooring

There are many factors to take into consideration when you’re choosing your home’s hardwood flooring. Asking yourself a few key questions regarding your lifestyle, vision, and budget will help you choose the right option. Follow this guide on how to choose the right hardwood flooring to make the right choice.

Do You Have Pets?

Your pets are part of your family. You wouldn’t get rid of them to get the flooring of your dreams. Instead, you may have to compromise on the type of flooring you’ll get if you have any pets. With furry friends in your home, you’re going to want to choose a tougher wood species. Consider using the Janka hardness scale for reference.

Do You Have a Budget?

Another important question to ask yourself is what your ideal budget looks like. If your budget calls for a more affordable option, you’re going to want to utilize the Janka hardness scale again. Tougher species tend to be less expensive than the softer species.

How Big Is Your Space?

Believe it or not, the shade of your hardwood floors can significantly affect the appearance of the room. Lighter woods make smaller spaces appear much larger. When you’re deciding which hardwood floors to get, think about the spaces you’re going to be covering and what kind of aesthetic you want the room to display.

Have You Considered Other Options?

Lastly, you want to ask yourself what other options you would consider for your flooring. Aside from hardwood flooring, other flooring types are easier to maintain and care for. Laminate and vinyl are great alternatives. They come in a variety of species, tiles, patterns, designs, and colors. They’re more durable and easier to maintain than hardwood.

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