How to choose the best color for your countertops

How To Choose the Best Color for Your Countertops

Lovely kitchen countertops can steal the show in your home’s interior design, especially if you pick a color that stands out. Improve your kitchen’s appearance with stellar countertops that light up the room with a level of maintenance that you can handle. Avoid creating an underwhelming design for your kitchen by learning how to choose the best color for your countertops. You can make bold design decisions that are sure to impress guests.

Consider the Colors of Your Cabinets and Flooring

When deciding on a new kitchen countertop, it’s important to take the rest of the kitchen’s design into account as well. Bring samples or pictures of the cabinet and flooring material with you while you shop for the counter. You may even want to take a picture of the appliances and cabinet handles to make sure you match.

Imagine how the color of the countertop would look with the other colors in your kitchen—if a bold, bright color clashes with your oak cabinets or complicates the design, you may need to reconsider your countertop options.

Think About the Future

Is your current home your forever home? Are you creating a kitchen design for yourself or for your resale value? Ask yourself about the future of your home before making any risky design decisions with your countertops, like loud colors or patterned tiles. Buyers often prefer homes that require little to no work or renovations. A countertop with personality fits perfectly into a forever home’s design, but a more widely appreciated type of countertop, like quartz or granite, can add value to your kitchen.

Colors and Your Kitchen’s Theme

The countertop color you choose directly impacts the theme or mood of your kitchen. When considering how to choose the best color for your countertops, think about the overall theme in your kitchen’s design. A bright marble-colored quartz countertop paired with white cabinets brings an air of elegance, especially with the gray veins within the stone to add color. Natural-colored cabinetry fits well with authentic granite countertops, adding a touch of luxury to a cozy kitchen design.

If you plan on remodeling the entire kitchen, consider your countertops a beautiful starting point for your interior design. Create a new theme with your favorite type and color of countertop and replace the cabinetry and flooring to match or contrast with it. Let Floors 55 be your one-stop-shop for high-quality countertops, cabinetry, and hardwood flooring in Portland and speed up your kitchen remodel.