How to choose the right countertop for your bathroom

How To Choose the Right Countertop for Your Bathroom

When it’s time to pick out new counters in your house, don’t forget to consider the counter in your bathroom or bathrooms. Brand-new sink counters are one of the most noticeable ways to uplift a bland or grungy bathroom and will make a positive impact on the value of your home.

Buyers love to see elegant, new-looking bathroom countertops—especially in an ensuite. How to choose the right countertop for your bathroom depends on the image you have for the mood of the room, making these considerations essential for a successful design.

Know Your Budget

Before you can begin shopping around for the best-fitting countertop, you must first figure out a price range that you’re comfortable with. The budget for your project determines the materials that you can afford to work with. Less expensive options, such as solid-surface materials and tile, can save you money during a renovation but may not appeal to homebuyers the same way that granite or quartz would.

Some more luxurious materials are worth stretching the budget for due to their beauty and low maintenance. Consider creating some wiggle room in the renovation budget for a luxury countertop that you fall in love with at the showroom.

Fit the Design of the Bathroom

With the budget in mind, look for countertop materials that fit well into your bathroom’s theme and mood. A darker, more mysterious bathroom may call for dramatic granite counters or could benefit from bright, white quartz countertops for the contrast. Think about whether you’d like a natural stone countertop or a more manufactured counter with a unique color or pattern.

Consider the Maintenance

When mulling over your choices for either kitchen or bathroom countertops, it’s important to think about the maintenance that some types of counters require. While quartz and solid-surface counters are low-maintenance and easy to clean, to get the look of granite or tile counters you must put in some extra work. You must reseal your granite once a year to ensure the stone remains undamaged, and tile counters occasionally require new grout or at least a cleaning.

Pick a Durable Countertop Material

Lastly, when considering how to choose the right countertop for your bathroom, take into account how durable you’d like your bathroom counters to be. You may want less durable yet beautiful bathroom counters in rooms that aren’t occupied by children. Likewise, durable countertops may be necessary for a children’s bathroom or a guest bathroom depending on who will use them.

If you still want a luxurious appearance without shirking on durability, quartz countertops provide the brightness of marble while remaining sturdy against scratches and cleaning chemicals. Floors 55 installs high-quality quartz countertops, granite countertops, and flooring in Portland, Oregon, for homeowners across the city. Trust us with your bathroom counters and create the bathroom of your dreams.