Home upgrades that can improve your health

Home Upgrades That Can Improve Your Health

The best home upgrades and renovations you can do are the kinds that provide hidden health benefits. Whether you need cleaner air, less dust, or brighter rooms, finding the perfect balance of physical and mental health advantages can make your home a better place. Start this summer off right by working on some of the greatest home upgrades that can improve your health.

Brighten Up the House

While a dark house maintains an air of mystery and romance, if every room is dark, it can start affecting your mental health. Upgrade your home by adding a new window or two to a room that needs it. Or you can go the extra mile and add a well-lit breakfast nook to your kitchen. Redecorate to amplify the brightness of each room—something as beautiful as a white quartz countertop in the sunlight will make you smile. Add flowers to each room’s décor and you’ll feel the positivity radiating from your home in no time.

Upgrade Your Air Filters

If you or others in the house suffer from severe allergies during certain times of the year, you don’t want the miserable, sick feeling to make its way into your home. Upgrading the air filters in your HVAC unit will help keep outdoor spores, pollen, and particles outside while you live in peace inside your home.
If your family’s allergies are worse than average, check if you can upgrade your HVAC unit to hold HEPA filters instead. HEPA filters will give you hospital-quality air, but they won’t always fit into conventional HVAC units.

Swap Out Your Old Carpet

Do you have an old carpet that’s collecting dust and dirt? For the benefit of your health, swap it out for something new—especially if it’s been there since the previous owners of the house lived there. Old carpet can cling onto scents, dander, and dust, leading to bad allergies.

The most hypoallergenic flooring you can find is laminate flooring. These easy-to-install planks don’t create dust or cling to allergens, and they’re easy to clean. Laminate is one of the best-looking home upgrades that can improve your health, and it comes in many different colors and styles—whether you want a dark, traditional color or a bright, beachy feel.

Finding laminate flooring in Portland has never been easier with Floors 55’s online showroom. Try out one of our flooring materials in your room with our flooring visualizer and pick a laminate flooring option that reduces allergens and amazes guests.