High Quality Flooring and what you should know

High-Quality Flooring and You: What You Should Know

There are several reasons why you should be selective about what type of flooring you choose for your house. These include the flooring’s style, price, longevity, and maintenance. Here are a few examples of high-quality flooring and what you should know about it before buying and renovating your space.


Vinyl is one of the cheapest alternatives to flooring. The tiles stick together with ease. Vinyl consists of layers of PVC polymers with a high-quality graphic of your chosen style of flooring on top. You can expect to get ten to twenty years out of vinyl before it needs to be replaced.


Wood is the classic flooring for most businesses and homes—and for a good reason. Its price is hefty compared to the two options listed above; it comes in at a whopping six to twenty dollars per square foot. However, wood will also last fifty to eighty years, especially if you use companies such as Flooring Portland Oregon. Another appealing benefit is that wood doesn’t attract dust, dander, or allergens, so it’s perfect for people who have allergies or pets. Also, the harder the wood, the less likely it’ll be to scratch or bruise.


Tile is another highly popular choice of flooring. It’s reasonably priced at five to thirty dollars per square ft. If you choose to get large tiles, you won’t have to deal with lots of grout. They’re also waterproofed and make great insulators. You won’t have to replace your entire flooring when you have broken tile, either; you’ll simply replace the individual broken tile. Tile flooring typically lasts thirty to fifty years.

No matter what choice you go with for your high-quality flooring, the investment will be worth it. Having a basic understanding of high-quality flooring and what you should know is essential when deciding between options. Refer to this article as you plan.