Easy home improvement projects you can start this winter

Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Start This Winter

While hibernating in your home all winter, you may as well keep yourself warm by working on a new home renovation project. Though you may not be able to do much to the outside of your home, there are plenty of ways you can make your home’s interior look incredible even in the dead of winter. Our suggestions for cozy and easy home improvement projects you can start this winter will not only keep you busy during the cold season, but they’ll also warm your house up after you complete them.

Fix Your Drafts

Dealing with wind chill when you’re outside is one of the toughest parts of winter. If the bitter winds are creeping their way into your home, it’s important that you get them fixed. Every draft that reaches the interior of the house costs you money in the form of heating bills. The winter is the easiest time to tell where the drafts are coming from, so get some caulk and start searching for the cold spots in your house. This is a relatively inexpensive process if you plan on doing it yourself, but if the drafts are coming from the windows, it may cost more to replace them. For window drafts, consider different temporary draft stopper solutions instead.

Install New Floors

If you’ve wanted new floors in your house for a while now, this winter is the time to do it. Carpet is a popular choice for cozy flooring—your feet will never have to touch cold floors again. This is especially beneficial during the chilly winter mornings before your home has warmed up.

For those who prefer the style of hardwood but don’t want to deal with the cost and maintenance of this flooring style, consider installing vinyl flooring instead. Not only will you save money with this style, but vinyl also doesn’t dry out during the winter like hardwood does. The easy installation process of vinyl planks keeps dust out of your home as well. Hardwood flooring installation during the winter may make ventilation difficult due to the frigid air outside.

Spruce Up the Kitchen

This winter may not be the season that you totally remodel your kitchen, but you can add small features to create a space that you can call your own. Consider adding a kitchen backsplash or switching the light fixtures. Keep yourself busy with the small stuff, and the larger projects will come later. If you love keeping warm around the kitchen table, a kitchen upgrade is an easy home improvement project you can start this winter that’ll keep everyone in good spirits even when the temperatures drop to the negatives.

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