Tips and tricks to keep carpet looking new

Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Carpet Looking Like New

Carpeting is something that takes a constant keen eye to maintain, much like your own grooming and hygiene. Without these preventative maintenance techniques, the overall appearance and feel of your carpet will start to deteriorate, impeding it from looking its best. 

But with the right care, you will have a carpet that’s so luxurious that you will want to always keep it at that level of care. With these tips and tricks to keep your carpet looking like new, you will always keep your carpet at its best. 

Keep the Dirt Out
The first act of protection you can take in any situation involving carpet is to keep dirt and dander as far from your carpet as possible. To do this, you will need to make sure that you keep the filth out of your house. Most carpet flooring stores will tell you to practice this level of cleanliness before ever installing any carpeting in your home or business. 

There are a few mandatory habits you will need to adopt if you want to make this happen. The first line of defense will be having doormats both on the outside of your door and the inside. These mats will trap as much dirt as possible before it has the chance to enter your home. 
These mats will also seal the door and clean the bottoms of your guest’s shoes. Making sure that guests wipe their feet and take their shoes off while indoors will also decrease the amount of dirt in your home. You might also want to implement these practices at your backdoor and any other doors exiting your house to cover all your bases. 

Schedule Regular Ventilation Maintenance 
The second but equally important thing you will want to do is keep your air quality as high as possible. One way to make this work is by changing your air filters monthly. 

You can also open the windows when it’s cool out to let in fresh air and ventilate the space. Regular dusting will also help keep the air quality decent and livable; try to dust once a week, at minimum. 

Vacuum and Shampoo
When it comes to carpet, you will want to make a routine that involves vacuuming on a regular basis—at least once a week or every other week. For a deeper clean that will really bring your carpet back to life, you will want to either shampoo your carpet or use a carpet cleaner on a semi-regular basis. This will bring your carpet to a much more sanitary state than is possible by just vacuuming alone. 

By ensuring that you keep dirt out of your home, you will have already won half of the battle. Most of the problem comes from dirt to begin with, so if you can create a barrier by cleaning regularly and letting the air flow, you can keep things comfortable and livable for a long time. These tips and tricks to keep your carpet looking like new are things that anyone with a carpet should know and have handy for suitable living.