Affordable bedroom makeover ideas for kids and preteens

Affordable Bedroom Makeover Ideas for Kids and Preteens

If your child has been nagging you to give their bedroom a makeover for a long time, maybe it’s finally time. Bedroom makeovers don’t have to cost an arm and a leg—and the updates shouldn’t be too expensive for a child or preteen with constantly shifting interests. You may not create the fantasy bedroom of their wildest dreams, but some of the most affordable bedroom makeover ideas for kids and preteens allow for flexibility as your kids grow and broaden their horizons.

Incorporate Your Child’s Interests Into the Design

Children and preteens always want bedrooms that reflect their favorite toys, shows, and games. You may not have the time, talent, or money to paint their favorite characters onto the walls and make furniture in the style of their interests, but you can still design a creative bedroom that they’ll love for as long as they live there.

For children who love to create art or collect action figures, showcase their favorites on floating shelves throughout the room. Make sure not to place any toys they play with regularly on high shelves. Find ways to display their interests and show off their importance without making them a permanent fixture in the room—this way, your child can change their room around as they grow older.

Refresh the Design With Their Favorite Colors

It’s okay to ask your child for some wall color ideas when they want to refresh their room—but you don’t need to paint all the walls the same color if they suggest one that doesn’t work well in bedrooms, especially if they want dark walls. Instead of telling them no, design an accent wall that utilizes their favorite colors in an appealing, timeless manner that they won’t regret when they’re older.

If you’d prefer to stick to a single, solid, neutral color, use furniture and wall décor to add splashes of their favorite colors to the bedroom design. Take them shopping for new furniture or accessories to keep the makeover in their control.

Fix up and Update the Room

Sometimes, the most significant change you can make—one that’s often an affordable bedroom makeover idea for kids and preteens—is simply to touch up the room. Preteens especially may appreciate simple updates to make the room a more enjoyable place to be.

Consider the following updates for their bedroom:

  • Repainting chipped, dented walls
  • Replacing blinds or drapes
  • Installing new flooring
  • Repairing closet doors
  • Installing a dimmer switch
  • Upgrading their bed

Some updates are more expensive than others, but adding extra comfort to their room will help them in the future as they transition into high school and need more sleep. If the bedroom has old, dirty carpeting, consider switching it out for easy-to-clean vinyl flooring with a cozy area rug. Floors 55 provides high-quality vinyl flooring in Portland, Oregon, to households looking for a sleek, modern replacement for their old, worn-out flooring.