2020 hardwood flooring color trends

2020 Hardwood Flooring Color Trends

Designing a home takes a lot of thought. You must buy the right furniture, paint color, and décor for the perfect ambiance. One aspect that many homeowners neglect is the color of their flooring. However, these 2020 hardwood flooring color trends will show you that flooring is essential to creating the perfect home aesthetic.


Blonde flooring is a light, timeless, and visually accentuating option that can make a room feel spacious and inviting. Not to mention, it gives you plenty of decorating possibilities, depending on your stylistic preferences. Consider maple, white oak, ash, or bamboo as options.


A shade darker than blonde, honey is by far one of the top 2020 hardwood flooring color trends. Honey wood is naturally comforting given its slightly dark tones, but it still feels inviting. As with blonde wood, it can make a room feel larger and spacious, but it also looks realistic. There’s nothing wrong with an artificial floor style, but your guests will think it came straight from the lumber yard. 


Alternatively, you could opt for a whitewashed look. This wood provides a comforting, relaxed atmosphere. Its eye-popping color is suitable for kitchens, farmhouses, or anywhere that needs a smooth, finished look. Consider whitewashing your flooring for a bright, relaxed, and upscale feeling. Keep in mind, though, that whitewashed floors can easily show signs of wear, which may require you to make repairs.


Gray flooring is a trendy option. It’s unique and stylistically pleasing, so it’s unsurprising that gray wood has become a popular flooring option. Bold, chic, and versatile, it’s also one of the best flooring options for resale. A sleek gray floor pairs well with bold colors such as aqua, white, or black. 


These hardwood floors look like their natural state. They’re called high-variation due to the fact that each plank looks slightly different, but it still pairs well with the other planks. High-variation wood is often in the same color family, but you can incorporate bright or dark colors along with neutrals, which can elevate the look. Unfortunately, high-variation wood is not a popular resale option in case you plan to sell.

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